CHD Coalition of North Central PA

Who We Are

Director of the Board

Jana Walters

I am a BSN prepared Registered Nurse and mother of a child with a CHD. I was not aware that my son had a CHD when he was born. Only after a routine echocardiogram at a local hospital to investigate an allergic reaction to an antibiotic, I discovered that he had a murmur and was told that my son would need open-heart surgery to replace a valve. Our family ventured on the 3-hour trip to Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh for more detailed tests and specialized care. My husband and I were blessed to meet with a wonderful cardiologist who answered all our questions and assured us that our son would not need surgery at this time. My son was officially diagnosed with bicuspid aortic valve and dilation of the aortic root. The cardiologist also informed us that the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh would be monitoring him closely, and the surgery would only be scheduled when his valve function or aortic dilation reached a critical point.

After receiving the diagnosis, we looked into the community for support and couldn’t find any! We did not know anyone who had experienced this or had this in their family. That is when I realized the need for a local organization to provide support, education, and awareness to the North Central PA area.

Director of the Board
Vice President

Todd Walters

I am a business owner and father of a child with a CHD. My son was born a healthy thriving little boy, but little did we know he had a heart defect. After he was discovered to have a heart defect, my wife and I realized the need to drive greater awareness for CHD within the surrounding counties. Living in a very rural area, we were forced to travel a couple hours away from home to see a pediatric cardiologist for care. We also realized that there were very little resources available for those individuals going through the same things we were. There is very little awareness of CHD in our area as well. We wanted to do something to help make a difference, not only for our son but for many children and families. This organization will allow us to educate and provide support to many.

Director of the Board

Marsha Lehman

Marsha is a mother of 6 boys and an Emergency room nurse of 17 years.  Marsha wanted to be part of the CHD Coalition to give back as almost 30 years ago when her brother was diagnosed with leukemia so many people stepped up to help her family.  She looks forward to being able to help those affected by congenital heart defects.

Director of the Board

Tracy Mattivi

Tracy is the mother of 2 very active daughters and an Emergency Room nurse of 14 years.   She looks forward to becoming part of this organization as she loves to volunteer and is looking forward to helping those affected by congenital heart defects and their families.

Director of the Board

Randi Means

My name is Randi Means. I am a mother to 2 boys and I work as cosmetologist. My godson was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect and I witnessed the struggles that caused. I wanted to be involved with this organization to help my family and those who have struggled with congenital heart defects.